Mai is a command line utility to retrieve temporary AWS credentials.


Install or upgrade to the latest version of Mai (Latest PyPI version) with PIP:

$ sudo pip3 install --upgrade stups-mai

How to use

Creating a new profile:

$ mai create myteam
$ Identity provider URL: # Enter your Identity Provider URL
$ SAML username: # Enter your SAML username
# answer the questions

Deleting a profile:

$ mai delete myteam

List profile(s):

$ mai list

Login profile(s):

$ mai login myteam

If you only have one profile, you can simply execute mai to login:

$ mai
$ # credentials are now stored in ~/.aws/credentials
$ aws ec2 describe-instances # example usage

You can set the default profile to use when running mai without arguments:

$ mai set-default myprofile


Mai commands can be abbreviated, i.e. the following commands are equivalent:

$ mai set myprof
$ mai set-def myprof
$ mai set-default myprof


Mai will save its configuration in a YAML file in your home directory (~/.config/mai/mai.yaml on Linux, ~/Library/Application\ Support/mai/mai.yaml on OSX)