Zign is the command line client to generate OAuth2 access tokens.


Install or upgrade to the latest version of Zign (Latest PyPI version) with PIP:

$ sudo pip3 install --upgrade stups-zign

How to use

See the section Helpful tooling on how to retrieve access tokens with Zign.


Zign stores its configuration in a YAML file in your home directory (~/.config/zign/zign.yaml on Linux, ~/Library/Application\ Support/zign/zign.yaml on OSX).

The minimal configuration contains the Token Service URL:

{url: 'https://token.example.org/access_token'}

Zign uses the USER and ZIGN_USER environment variables to determine the username to use. You might want to overwrite this in the configuration file:

    url: 'https://token.example.org/access_token',
    user: 'jdoe'