What is STUPS?

The STUPS platform is a set of tools and components to provide a convenient and audit-compliant Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for multiple autonomous teams on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

STUPS: a platform on top of Amazon Web Services

STUPS provides the needed components to deploy immutable stacks of Docker applications on AWS:

  • an application registry to register applications and their endpoints (Kio)
  • a private Docker registry to push deployment artifacts to (Pier One)
  • a CLI tool to create temporary AWS credentials when using federated SAML logins (Mai)
  • an AWS account configuration tool to set up team AWS accounts consistently (Seven Seconds)
  • a base Amazon Machine Image (AMI) to run Docker containers in a safe and audit-compliant way (Taupage)
  • a developer console UI to register and browse applications (YOUR TURN)
  • tools to grant team members SSH access to EC2 instances in an audit-compliant way (Più and even & odd)
  • a best practice CLI tool to deploy immutable application stacks using AWS CloudFormation (Senza)
  • a reporting component to ensure compliance and transparency across all AWS team accounts (fullstop.)
  • a framework for OAuth integration via secret distribution (mint & berry)